Niki Jabbour on Succession Sowings – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – May 13 2019

Succession sowing: Whew! You finally got everything into the ground, transplanting every little seedling and sowing every seed, and it’s time to sit back and pat yourself on the shoulder. Or is it? Sorry gardeners. Especially when it comes to plants we grow as annuals, like most of our vegetables and cutting and container flowers, once is not enough.

Today’s subject is succession sowings, which to do and when and how, and our guest is Niki Jabbour, a resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and an award-winning author and popular lecturer, who also hosts “The Weekend Gardener” radio show. Her recent book, “Veggie Garden Remix,” celebrating unusual edibles we can and should grow, just won a 2019 American Horticultural Society book award.

Learn tactics for succession sowing from Niki, who despite her northern location harvests vegetables year-round from her garden, cold frames and more. 


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