A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Nov 20 – Ali Stafford on Favorite Cookbooks

A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach: Ali Stafford on Favorite Cookbooks

Sorry to spoil the surprise, but if you’re on my holiday shopping list, you’re getting a cookbook. Besides gardening, home cooking is one of the only things in this increasingly dizzy world that I feel as if I can control, and I’m soothed and sustained trying new flavors and expanding my repertory with the help of cookbooks. I asked cookbook author and former restaurant sous chef Alexandra Stafford to help guide us.

Ali’s first cookbook, “Bread Toast Crumbs,” was published this year. Besides also creating her own recipe filled website, Alexandra’s Kitchen (at Alexandra Cooks dot com), she’s a weekly columnist on weeknight dinners for Food 52 dot com, where part of the way she serves up such a diversity of fresh ideas is to constantly survey the culinary world in books and online.


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