A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Oct 2 – Q&A with Ken Druse (Overtime Edition): Overwintering Plants

A Way To Garden With Margaret Roach-Ken Druse Overwintering Plants Q and A (Overtime Edition)

The mad stash: overwintering tender plants, a Q&A with Ken Druse

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN, or almost. Startling as it may seem, the mad stash is looming as fall takes tighter hold, meaning time to figure out where which of those gorgeous but tender plants you couldn’t resist at the garden center this spring can possibly be overwintered to live to grow again another season.

I’ve asked garden writer, photographer and longtime friend Ken Druse of Ken Druse dot com to help me answer all your Urgent Garden Questions about overwintering tactics, which is the  topic of this month’s Q&A on my public-radio show and podcast. In a regular segment plus an overtime bonus 15 minutes, we covered lots of plants, from figs and rosemary to cannas and callas and dahlias and elephant ears, to potted trees (including citrus) and shrubs and more. After each brief discussion of a plant, I’ve also included a link to more comprehensive how-to about caring for it in the offseason.



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