A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Oct 23 – Rhiannon Crain on Fall Cleanup

A Way To Garden With Margaret Roach-A Saner Approach to Fall Cleanup, with The Habitat Network’s Rhiannon Crain

When we say, “fall garden clean-up,” just how clean do we mean? A slightly tongue-in-cheek campaign called “The Pledge to Be a Lazy Gardener,” from the Habitat Network, asks us to think about that in a whole different way than what you might find in the how-to section of ornamental-horticulture books.

Backstory: The Habitat Network collaboration between Cornell Lab of Ornithology and The Nature Conservancy, empowered by a mapping program called YardMap, provides a suite of tools that helps you map, and then manage, your own home landscape ecologically, to be a better habitat style gardener. The information in the maps you create in this citizen-science project helps researchers learn about wildlife interactions in residential landscapes, and more.

We asked Dr. Rhiannon Crain, The Habitat Network project manager, to talk about rethinking fall clean-up from an ecological point of view.


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