Off Script with Dan Dwyer: Ancram Opera House Co-Directors Jeffrey Mousseau and Paul Ricciardi

The Ancram Opera House


The Ancram Opera House was erected in 1927 as Ancram Grange #955, a chapter of the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry, to address the social, educational and economic concerns of the region’s farmers.  In 1972, the building was repurposed and renamed the Ancram Opera House as an arts venue focusing on light operatic fare.  Over the years, a variety of performances, film showings, vaudeville acts, lectures, gatherings and, most recently, weekly yoga classes have taken place here.  Today, Ancram Opera House rededicates itself to aspects of its origins, producing and presenting inventive contemporary theatrical performances to be shared by a rural community.


Inspired by the aspirations of the grange movement, the Ancram Opera House envisions meaningful encounters through the performing arts that forge connection and community.  We believe performances—conceived, created and experienced in our small, intimate space—offer the possibility for real exchange, instill a sense of place and contribute to healthier and happier lives.  Our hall fosters an audience’s immersion with a performance to make it complete and the potential for personal growth that the arts provide.  We also look to Ancram’s pastoral character to nurture fervent artistic creation.


Jeffrey Mousseau

Paul Ricciardi


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