Off Script with Dan Dwyer: Celeste Lecesne, Author of 1 of 3 Plein Air Plays at Ancram Opera House, August 12 -15

Photo credit: Paula Allen
Photo credit: Paula Allen

CELESTE LECESNE is best known for his award-winning solo shows One Man Band, Word of Mouth, and The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey. The NYTimes has ranked him “among the most talented solo performers of his (or any) generation.” He wrote the short film Trevor, which won an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short and he is co-founder of The Trevor Project, the only nationwide Lifeline for LGBTQ youth. He has written three novels for young adults, and created The Letter Q, a collection of letters by queer writers written to their younger selves. Celeste is also the co-founder of The Future Perfect, a national arts initiative for LGBTQ+ youth. For more info visit


Plein Air Plays.png

Fri, Aug 13 at 5p & 6p

Sat, Aug 14 and Sun, Aug 15
at 4p, 5p & 6p TICKETS

At each presentation, three short plays are staged in three secret locations near the Opera House, with audiences traveling by car to reach each performance site.

Total running time—including the three plays and travel to each performance site—is expected to be approximately 90 minutes.

Please take note that to reach each performance location, audiences will be also walking a short distance across grass that is sometimes gently sloping. For whom this may be a concern, please write so that we can make accommodations.

At each play location, blankets and some seating will be provided. Audiences are also welcome to bring their own seating, if preferred, or to stand. Each individual piece has a running time of approximately 20 minutes.


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