Off Script with Dan Dwyer: Helen Klein Ross and Geoff Brown: “Small World Latecomers” and “Lakeville Crucifix”

The Latecomers by Helen Klein Ross

From the bestselling author of “What Was Mine,” a deeply moving family drama about a young Irish immigrant, an ancestral home in New England and a dark secret that lay hidden in its walls for five generations.
In 1908, sixteen-year-old Bridey runs away from her small town in Ireland with her same-age sweetheart Thom. But when Thom dies suddenly of ship fever on their ocean crossing, Bridey finds herself alone and pregnant in a strange new world.

The Lakeville Crucifix by local historian and author Geoffrey Brown

In the 1880s events in Lakeville, Connecticut made the front page of the “New York Times” and the “Hartford Courant”, and appeared in papers across the United States. Now, the “New York Times” page one headline “The Lakeville Crucifix” has become the title of a new book by local historian Geoffrey Brown about what has been called a “religious war”.


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