Off Script with Dan Dwyer: Martin Markinson, “Come on Along & Listen to My Life in Theatre”

Owner of Broadway’s Helen Hayes Theatre for more than three decades, Marty Markinson produced some of the most notable plays of the 1980s and 1990s, including Torch Song Trilogy by Harvey Fierstein, And A Nightingale Sang by C.P. Taylor, Passion by Peter Nichols and Corpse by Gerald Moon during a time of great change in the New York theater which was marked by the arrival of the British mega-musicals and the Hollywood studios.

A rich memoir by a former Broadway theatre owner and producer who relays in his intimate, easy voice his journey from an outsider to a self-made successful player in a most competitive, but little understood business. We are treated to a truly remarkable American story of dreams fulfilled on Broadway and beyond.

As you will read, Marty Markinson has lived an extraordinary life. Marty rose from modest means and obscurity to wealth, respectability and significant influence through a combination of laudable qualities – including honesty, courage, grit, creativity, high hopes, positive intentions plus a lot of hard work. And Marty had fun all the way to the top of his profession.

Markinson talks about his involvement in both production of shows and operation of the houses in which they appear, concentrating on his ownership of the Helen Hayes Theatre (previously known as The Little Theatre) on Broadway from 1979 until the theatre’s sale in 2015. A fun, informative personal telling of this Broadway tale.


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