Ken Druse on Outdoor Treasure Hunting – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – May 24, 2021

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Ken Druse and I are putting a new spin on weeding by giving it a new name: treasure hunting. Maybe the incessant, relentless nature of all those naughty things that keep popping up around the garden beds will be softened if we focus instead on the fact that we might just come upon some real goodies as we seek to rogue out the bad. 

Discovering treasure while we ferret out the trash, the trash being the self-sowns and other desirable volunteers the garden wants to give us is our topic today. 


Today’s guest, Ken Druse, is not a guest, exactly, but a regular on the show, a longtime friend and the author of an astonishing 20 gorgeous books about gardening. I’m so glad he’s here at this moment—when I am frankly having a bad case of garden overwhelm—to just commiserate and talk about what he’s finding out there in his own garden as he makes his rounds. 


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