A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Sept 18, 2023 – Marianne Willburn on Overwintering Tropicals

It’s not time quite yet for what I call the mad stash – storing those non-hardy plants for the winter that we wish to keep alive for another year of service – but it is time to make some plans to do just that. Marianne Willburn, author of  “Tropical Plants and How to Love Them” and a serious mad stasher, is here to help us puzzle out what goes where for best results. 

Marianne is also a contributing editor to the collaborative blog called Garden Rant.  

We’ve both been stashing many kinds of “investment plants” over many years, with wins and losses along the way, and we compared notes to help you fine-tune your strategic plans for adapting spots in the house, cellar, garage, wherever to improve your mad-stash results.


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