Michael Piantedosi on Plant Conservation – A Way to Garden with Mararet Roach – October 7, 2019

Invasives and Conservation: Sometimes when weeding in my own garden, I get a sense of overwhelm, a feeling that the unwanted plants are winning. So, if a gardener can be daunted, imagine how a conservationist with an expert eye must feel in the fight against invasive plants in the vast scale of the native landscape. Michael Piantedosi of Native Plant Trust acknowledges the weight of the task, but also calls himself “a hopeful optimist.” He’ll share some of his strategies and also how we can each make an effort toward conservation.

For the past four years, Michael has worked at Native Plant Trust, formerly known as New England Wild Flower Society and the nation’s oldest plant-conservation organization, as manager of the New England Plant Conservation Program and a seed-bank coordinator. Now he has been named Director of Conservation there, leading the internationally recognized team focused on documenting and saving imperiled plants and restoring habitat. 


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