Ken Druse on Post-Spring Garden Tuneups – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – May 4, 2020

A famous gardener Ken Druse and I know often says this one-liner: “Anyone can do spring.” What he means is: and then what happens after that? 

What happens after the current tender colorful parade of beauty, with flowers everywhere and fresh green foliage expanding by the minute without our effort, is up to us gardeners—and that’s the harder part. 

That’s our topic today: What to do next to keep the garden going strong for the long haul: cutbacks and pinching and pruning and shearing and….

Ken Druse needs no introduction except to say he’s been my go-to garden friend for decades, is the author of an amazing 20 books, all of which I have read, and he joins me once each month on my public-radio show and podcast. 


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