A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Uli Lorimer on Propagating Ferns – August 2, 2021

By the time we hit August, some plants in the garden are a little beat up—or have at least needed deadheading, or even wholesale cutting back, perhaps. 

As delicate as they might look texturally from the moment of their first emergence in spring, though, the ones that always startle me by their incredible toughness are the ferns. That’s our topic today, ferns—and specifically native ones—with Uli Lorimer of Native Plant Trust, who will tell us some fern lore and some fern care, and even how they reproduce so we can propagate more of them ourselves. 

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Uli Lorimer has made a career of working with native plants. He was longtime curator of the Native Flora Garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. And in 2019 became Director of Horticulture at Native Plant Trust, the former New England Wild Flower Society, and America’s oldest plant conservation organization, founded in 1900. 


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  1. Really interested in listening but the introduction played over and over. Got maybe 4/5 minutes of content. Any possibility of reposting without the glitch?

    • It must be a problem with your computer! We have had no other complaints, and we had staff at the station play it on their home computers and it worked perfectly. Sorry you ae having problems.

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