Kevin Espiritu on Raised Beds – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – July 8, 2019

Raised Beds:  I built my old-style wooden raised beds for vegetables about 30 years ago, and they’ve served me well. Lately on social media, I love seeing younger-generation gardeners embracing raised beds, too, but using creative designs and even doing so in smaller spaces than mine, like Kevin Espiritu of the “Epic Gardening” podcast.

Kevin’s new book, “Urban Gardening: How to Grow More Plants No Matter Where You Live,” includes many raised-bed construction styles to consider and his tips for success in growing in them. Kevin’s garden couldn’t be much more different from mine. He’s in San Diego Zone 10B; I’m rural New York Zone 5B. Most of his garden is in raised beds and other containers, and mine is mostly in the ground, but we have lots in common, too. We talked about successful above-ground growing methods and more. 


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