Noah Charney on Reading Your Land – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – June 19, 2023

How well do you really know the piece of land on which you live and garden, or the bigger landscape context it sits within—that forms your neighborhood, perhaps? A new book I’ve been reading called “These Trees Tell a Story: The Art of Reading Landscapes” takes the reader along on explorations through a diversity of places, looking for hints on how to “know thy land,” as its author Noah Charney suggests.  

Noah is an assistant professor of conservation biology at the University of Maine and coauthor with Charley Eiseman of the award-winning field guide “Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates” – one of my much-used favorites. 

On the website of the publisher of Noah’s latest book, Yale University Press, it describes it as a “deeply personal master class on how to read a natural landscape and unravel the clues to its unique ecological history.” 

I’m glad to welcome Noah Charney as my guest today and learn more. 


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