Real News with Brian Ross – Thursday May 6, 2021

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Brian Ross joined the Law&Crime Network as chief investigative correspondent in 2018 after decades of award-winning work at ABC News and NBC News.

His reports have exposed government and corporate corruption around the world and helped bring justice to the disenfranchised.

Ross is also the author of the New York Times best-selling book The Madoff Chronicles, based on reports for ABC News he produced along with his long-time partner Rhonda Schwartz, who has also joined the Law & Crime Network as Executive Investigative Producer


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  1. Let the guest talk more, unless I misunderstand how this interview with him is to be done.

    • William, the show is set up with me asking questions, and bringing up topics that are news and media topics that are at the top of the news. It’s a conversation, not an “in your face” news show like so many shows are on cable.

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