Reduce Food Waste with the James Beard Foundation – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – November 19, 2018


WASTE NOT COOKBOOK: Having been raised in the presence of a Depression-era grandmother who even went to college to study home economics, I have a built-in thing about food waste. So I was delighted to see a new cookbook from the James Beard Foundation called “Waste Not: Recipes and Tips for Full-Use Cooking from America’s Best Chefs,”and a campaign of anti-food waste advocacy spearheaded by that organization.

Chef Tiffany Derryis a contributor to the “Waste Not” cookbook, and a former star and fan favorite of “Top Chef,” among other culinary accomplishments. We talked about becoming “thoughtful, intentional cooks”–about getting the most out of every vegetable and herb (no, not just the tender little leaves but even the stems), why cooking a whole fish is the most economical way to go, and much more.

I also learned about the 200ish chefs who have gone through the Beard Boot Camp to become advocates on sustainability and social issues.


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