Ken Druse on Rejuvenation and Propagation – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – August 10, 2020

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Today’s show came out of a phone conversation that Ken Druse and I were having the other day, when I found myself confessing to him that I’d let things in my containers get, shall we say, a tad overgrown this season without the pressure of any visitors and tours to keep me in line. And how I was finally trying to get them back into shape for the rest of the season by pinching things. 

And just for fun, how I’ve been rooting some of the pinched-off bits in little jars of water. So all that’s to say, Ken and I talked about a little midsummer rejuvenation—and also some of the less-obvious positive effects that can yield. Ken is author of 20 garden books, including one on plant propagation called “Making More Plants.” 


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  1. Thank you Margaret and Ken! I started playing with propagation last fall with two hydrangea cuttings that have successful grown into lovely young shrubs this season. It is a bit of an addictive thing once you get started. I have many more ideas for things I want to propagate from my yard this year. Great conversation!

  2. So, I harvested some pole beans and realized a few pods are past their prime. Could I dry them off the vine and save the seeds for next year? If so, any special tips, like should I dry them in the sun, etc.

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