Ken Druse on Remembering Fallen Plants – A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach – June 1, 2020

I was crawling around weeding the other day and there it was, yet another turquoise colored plastic label I knew was from the original Heronswood Nursery near Seattle, which has been closed about 15 years. No plant, just a label. I found three such lonely turquoise labels that day, as I do each spring, reminders of plants I loved and lost. Yes, plants die, even in the care of experienced gardeners, and others just need to be gotten rid of. Plants we’ve known, but no longer grow for one reason or the other is the subject today with my friend, Ken Druse.

Ken Druse needs no introduction except to say he’s the author and photographer of 20 garden books, including most recently “The Scentual Garden,” about S-C-E-N-T. He joined me via Skype to talk about all the plants we’ve loved before…and lost (like Ken’s former Iris ‘Summer Skies’). 


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