A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – June 27, 2022 – Dan Wilder on Rethinking Lawn

The lecture that he’s been giving for a number of years is not so subtly called “Kill our Lawn.” 

Ecological horticulturist Dan Wilder knows that starting over and creating an entire native habitat instead of a lawn isn’t for everyone. But Dan just wants to grab our attention and get us to start to make some changes at least in the way we care for the turfgrass we do want in our landscapes. And maybe give up a little square footage of it to some other kind of more diverse planting, too. 

Alternative, more eco-focused styles of lawn care, along with some lawn alternatives is our topic today. 

Dan Jaffe Wilder is Director of Applied Ecology at Norcross Wildlife Foundation in Wales, Massachusetts, and its 8,000-acre sanctuary. He’s also co-author with Mark Richardson of the book “Native Plants for New England Gardens


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