Craig LeHoullier on Ripe Tomatoes – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – July 31, 2023

Around this time each summer I look forward to the onslaught of fresh tomatoes—while at the same time hoping against hope that what I call “tomato troubles” don’t reveal themselves and get the upper hand. 

I’ve been hearing from lots of readers and listeners in recent weeks that the new normal of weather chaos nationwide isn’t helping them get to the tomato finish line successfully…and that they’re worried. 

So with all that in mind, I made my annual frantic call with some urgent tomato questions to today’s guest, Craig LeHoullier of North Carolina, the NC Tomato Man as he’s known on social media, author of the classic book “Epic Tomatoes.” Craig knows more about these cherished fruits than almost anyone I’ve ever met, and he even shares that in Live sessions each week on his Instagram account, where you can ask your questions and get solid answers. 

I asked Craig how he’s doing, and what we should all be doing to bolster a bountiful harvest, and also about which fruits to save next year’s seed from anyhow, and other tomato questions. 


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