Daniel Yoder on Root Crop Success – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – February 18, 2019

Growing Root Vegetables: Do you know what it takes to grow a perfect root vegetable? When I recently asked A Way To Garden’s readers and listeners what their most common seed-related issues were, one recurring theme came up that surprised me: troubles with root crops, from poor germination of carrots to radishes and beets and others that never sized up. 

If you want to know how to grow any crop to perfection, call a person who grows them for a living, I figure, and better yet someone who does that in formal trials where every last detail is recorded and evaluated.

Daniel Yoder, a research product technician at Johnny’s Selected Seeds in Maine, has a particular specialty in the world of root vegetables, and we talked about prepping the bed before sowing roots crops, how to space and when to thin the seedlings, keeping them well-watered so they can bulk up, and more.  


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