A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – December 12, 2022 – Julie Zickefoose on Safer Bird Feeding

I put out my first bird feeder of the season on Thanksgiving and got the party started. But there’s more to feeding the birds than just filling the feeders, like how to keep them safe in the age of increased disease transmission, or how to provide essential water in the coldest months, and of course, much0needed tactics for outsmarting the squirrels. Smart bird feeding and more bird-related wisdom is our topic with Julie Zickefoose.

Julie is a wildlife rehabilitator and artist and author of various books, including a favorite of mine, “Saving Jemima: Life and Love with a Hard-Luck Jay.”. She lives and gardens on an 80-acre wildlife sanctuary in Appalachian foothills of Ohio. 


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