Ken Druse on Seed How-To – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – February 11, 2019

More seed how-to’s: How’s that seed shopping going? On the radio show and podcast, Ken Druse and I covered more of your seed questions, from which seeds to sow indoors versus out; outsmarting animals who gobble up direct-sown seeds; to why some seedlings just sit there, like miniatures, never reaching full size.

My annual Seed Series continues and with help from Ken, author of “Making More Plants: The Science, Art, and Joy of Propagation,” I also tackled growing primulas from seed, spinach failures, direct-sowing some perennials and biennials, and Ken’s adventures growing citrus and more. 

When we reached out in December to get your Urgent Seed Questions, we got so many that we taped two shows—and even at that, some will be tackled in future episodes with guest experts. As we did in Part 1, we’re giving away a copy of Ken’s book “Making More Plants.” Enter over on awaytogarden dot com.


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