Stage Right…or Not with Michele Willens: Addiction and Immigration Onstage

A new play by Zhu Yi, directed by John Giampietro

Part of EST/Youngblood’s BLOODWORKS series
Part of Ibsen International’s “New Text – New Stage II” Project

An Ivy League degree in art and an apartment in Manhattan – Like many new upper-middle-class Chinese families, Mr. and Mrs. Li are proud to give their only daughter a life they could only dream of, until… they realize the new life is turning her into a dangerous stranger.

A DEAL is a dark comedy that features a Chinese family’s homebuying journey in New York. It reveals the ideological conflicts between the East and the West in contemporary society by tracking one little stream of the global cash flow. The story takes place in Winter 2015, when Chinese families for the first time represented the largest group of overseas homebuyers in the United States, and the USD/CNY exchange rate climbed from 6.31 to 6.59 within three months.

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