A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – July 18, 2022 – Ali Stafford on Summer Squash

You know how the vegetable garden goes. One day, there are just two green beans ready to pick, and then there are 62 all at once. Famine and then feast. 

Some of that can be moderated by growing different varieties with different days to maturity or with smaller succession sowings of each crop. But no matter how much planning, it’s not a predictable assembly line—and neither is what you’ll get each week if you subscribe to a farm share or CSA…like hello, radishes every week plus more kale than I can keep up with. 

So what to do with whatever produce comes your way? Cookbook author and food writer Alexandra Stafford offered some tactical advice and also prepared us for the onslaught of zucchini with creative and delicious recipes. 

Ali creates the Alexandra’s Kitchen website and companion e-newsletter from alexandracooks.com—and a whole extra, free, weekly seasonal email, too, called the Farm Share Newsletter, which is giving me more ideas each week for what to do with what the garden, the CSA, and the local farmstand have to offer. She’s the author of the hit book “Bread Toast Crumbs.” 


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  1. Alexandra has changed my cooking! Every recipe comes out exactly as she says. I started with her bread recipes which are incredibly easy. Most of her recipes are simple ingredients packed with flavor. Now I use all of her recipes for every meal.
    She is a gifted cook, and with four children most are not time consuming. I can’t say enough..try her cookbook.

  2. I am so excited to have found Margaret Roach’s podcasts and Alexandra’s cooking sites!

  3. Yummy ideas for produce out of the garden, if it ever gets started. We had a cool spring, but hot weather is here. Can hardly wait to try the zucchini recipes on Ali’s site.

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