Susan Says with Susan Silver: Where to Start?

Susan Silver has written for some of the most iconic sitcoms of all time, creating laugh lines for Mary Tyler Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beatrice Arthur, Bob Newhart, and The Partridge Family.

Susan was a trailblazer when she began her writing career in 1971 at The Mary Tyler Moore Show. A female comedy writer in an industry overwhelmingly dominated by men, she is perhaps the first and only television writer to be featured in TV Guide wearing hot pants.

As casting Director at Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, she also knew (and not just in the Biblical sense) some of Hollywood’s most desirable leading men, and even had a run-in in with Richard Nixon (non-romantic, thank you very much).

Now, Susan dishes about the highs and lows of both her comedy career and love life in her new memoir, Hot Pants in Hollywood: Sex, Secrets and Sitcoms.
From Hi Mount Press in the spring.

Susan went on to write for The Bob Newhart Show, Maude, The Partridge Family and Square Pegs. She continues to teach comedy writing at venues including the Television Academy and the New School and has lectured at the Paley Center, SCAD, and Brandeis University.

Susan has appeared on CNN, HLN, Good Day NY, and The Today Show. She has written opinion-eds for The New York Times and Refinery 29 and had a long running column on called “The Search For Mr. Adequate.” Her weekly radio commentary “Susan Says,” which covers news, politics and culture can be heard on an NPR affiliate in Connecticut as well as on-demand at robinhoodradio.comand iTunes.


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