The Berkshire Edge On-Air – January 24

The Berkshire Edge LLC is a locally owned, regional publication. Our goal is to provide – regularly and in depth – content that truly reflects the life, interests and aspirations of this unusually rich and vibrant community.

Guided by respected journalistic standards, the principle of fairness, the quest for truth, a commitment to social, economic and environmental justice, and an abiding admiration for the independent spirit of the Berkshires, The Berkshire Edge offers in-depth local news reports and features, perspectives on the arts, wide-ranging commentary, and a comprehensive calendar of events – all written, illustrated, and, in some cases performed, with wit, intelligence, insight and humor.

This week we talk about:

1. The Women’s March and related activities were the big news of this week, and we have four articles:
A report on the ‘sister event’ organized by Indivisible Pittsfield and held at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield. Fourteen panelists, representing 13 organizations, discussed their priorities and how they could partner together.
A letter from Caroline Alexander of the Berkshire Women’s Political Action group, describing the difference between last year’s march and this year’s in NY.
A letter from Leonard Quart with his impressions of the march in NY
An Edgecast by Ben Hillman about the March in NY.

2. We just published the upcoming season of Shakespeare & Company. The theme is “delight, deceit and desire.” Should be juicy.

3. We also announced that Barrington Stage is committing to a season of women’s stories.

4. We had a book review by Sheela Clary of “The Perfect Nanny,” a riveting tale about a nanny who kills her charges. It’s based on a true story that took place in New York, but has been transplanted to Paris. The undercurrent of the book is the observation that the class society operates as meanly there as it does here.

5. Speaking of crime, Carol Owens has a wonderful piece on ‘The Gentleman Burglar,” a thief who operated in the 1890s and stole the jewelry of the rich and famous.

6. For listeners interested in real estate, we are about to publish the eighth and final installment of an unpublished book by a Great Barrington lawyer on “the Basics of how to buy, sell, built and finance a home in Berkshire County.” A valuable primer for anyone who lives or wants to live in Berkshire County.


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