The Berkshire Edge On-Air – June 27

The Berkshire Edge LLC is a locally owned, regional publication. Our goal is to provide – regularly and in depth – content that truly reflects the life, interests and aspirations of this unusually rich and vibrant community.

Guided by respected journalistic standards, the principle of fairness, the quest for truth, a commitment to social, economic and environmental justice, and an abiding admiration for the independent spirit of the Berkshires, The Berkshire Edge offers in-depth local news reports and features, perspectives on the arts, wide-ranging commentary, and a comprehensive calendar of events – all written, illustrated, and, in some cases performed, with wit, intelligence, insight and humor.

This week we talk about:

1. Our lead story today is the news that a major retail/residential complex is in the works for downtown Lee, at the site of the former Price Chopper supermarket. It’s the second such major project to be taking shape in Lee:
2. Berkshire residents — as are many other Americans — are appalled at the Trump administration’s immigration policy that separates immigrant children from their parents, and even more egregious, that there is no system in place to reunite these young kids, many of them toddlers, with their parents. Berkshire residents are demonstrating:
And on this topic, our intrepid political analyst, Dook Snyder, examines the roots of this Trump administration policy:
3.  On a kinder, gentler topic, if you’re going to Tanglewood to hear the BSO, take advantage of Jeremy Yudkin’s free preconcert lectures on music at the Lenox Library. A Boston University professor, Jeremy is a delightful and knowledgeable musicologist who will enrich your musical experience:
4. Again on a lighter note, and this being the garden tour season, local historian Gary Leveille takes us on visit to out of the way Berkshire sights in his “satirical house tour”:
5. On a more serious note, we had a profile of Liam Forland, an African American student who founded a forum “Let’s Talk About It,” addressing the racism that he saw during his tenure at Berkshire schools. He just graduated from Monument Mountain Regional High School, and is off to Dartmouth College:
6.  And finally, the Egremont Village School reconstruction project is in full swing, and the little school will be opening in the fall, marking the town of Egremont’s battle with the Southern Berkshire Regional School District to keep its elementary school, small as it is, open:


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