The Berkshire Edge On-Air – May 30th

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Guided by respected journalistic standards, the principle of fairness, the quest for truth, a commitment to social, economic and environmental justice, and an abiding admiration for the independent spirit of the Berkshires, The Berkshire Edge offers in-depth local news reports and features, perspectives on the arts, wide-ranging commentary, and a comprehensive calendar of events – all written, illustrated, and, in some cases performed, with wit, intelligence, insight and humor.

This week we talk about:

1. The Berkshire International Film Festival opens this Thursday, with 80 films in four days. We have a preview:
2. A cadre of local merchants and others are campaigning to hold a special town meeting to overturn the historic ban on single-use plastic water bottles that was approved at Great Barrington town meeting:
And we have had numerous letters, and comments, on both sides….
3. We had a very thoughtful— and persuasive —  essay about the virtues of eliminating plastic water bottles — from a junior at Monument Mountain Regional High School:
4.  Meanwhile, much debate has ensued over the prospect that horse racing may return to the Great Barrington Fairgrounds… it’s not clear what kind of racing — whether it be harness or flat track — but it has summoned all sorts of discussion about whether horse racing is cruelty to animals … never mind the unsavory crowd that follows the betting windows.
5. One of our writers, Sheela Clary, sent us a fascinating interview with a local soccer coach, Sean Flynn — also a high school guidance counselor — who has founded a very popular summer soccer program, with hundreds of kids countywide.
6.  And for those who like to listen to audio tapes while doing other things, like driving, or washing the dishes, or gardening, we have a great new feature by Rochelle O’Gorman that highlights audio media:

The Berkshire Edge On-Air – May 30th
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