The Berkshire Edge On-Air – November 15

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This week we talk about:

1.  The latest in in the Berkshire Museum story – The Attorney General intervened in the Appeals Court and got an injunction on the judgement delivered by Judge Agostini of the Superior Court.  The sale of the paintings has been postponed until December 11.

2.  We have an article that reveals that New England utilities are manipulating rates by withholding natural gas supplies to push rates up and to make the case for new pipelines.  From 2013 to 2016, New England ratepayers paid $2.6 billion more than necessary.  This article reports on the analysis provided by four economists.

3. The town of Great Barrington finally signed an agreement to develop the former Housatonic Elementary School.  This is an innovative public-private partnership.  It’s difficult to figure out what to do with these old schools, so this may provide an interesting new model.

4.  Something with the name of Berkshire Interfaith Organizing is trying to get a new market opened in the space vacated by the Lee Price Chopper market.  Many elderly and people without cars depended on that downtown market.  For instance, there’s a senior citizen complex a few blocks away.  Now there’s no place for them to buy groceries

5.  The 2017 fall festival of Shakespeare is starting up this week. Ten schools and hundreds of students will participate under the auspices of Shakespeare & Company’s educational program.  This is the 29th year they’ve done it.  Students from all these schools study and perform Shakespearean plays.

6.  We have an article by Irina Fursman, a Certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, about five strategies to transform your health for a better life and career.  One strategy is simply to get ore sleep.  She plans to write a second one about how to eat healthily during the holidays.

7.  We did a twelve-minute taped interview with artist Morgan Bulkeley about his show at the Berkshire Museum.  The exhibit is called Nature Culture Clash.  It’s a wonderful exhibit and a really interesting EdgeCast we produced.


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