The Berkshire Edge On-Air – November 8

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This week we talk about:

1. A superior court judge in Pittsfield just denied the request for an injunction against the sale of art by the Berkshire Museum,/Mass. The request for the injunction had come from the Rockwell children and was endorsed and seconded by Mass. Attorney General Maura Healy. Ti’s possible there will be an appeal.

2. Berkshire Hill Regional School District is reconsidering renovating the high school, although a ballot initiative to accept state money and renovate these same schools was rejected in an election.

3. Ski Butternut has acquired two little ski areas … one is Otis Ridge in Otis, and the other is Blandford in Hampden County.

4. We had an op-ed piece from Lia Spiliotes, exec. dir. of Community Health Programs, saying “Stop the attacks on Medicaid: It holds the key to better health. Because of the Affordable Care Act, there are consortia of health providers, called Accountable care organizations, or ACOs. These are collaboratives of health care providers and insurers who are entirely focused on improving the overall health and well-being of Medicaid patients and, as a result, by extension, reducing costs of providing their care. This mandate was written into the Affordable Care Act so that we – finally – have a health care approach that acknowledges the realities of life below the poverty line.

5 Carole Owens wrote us a very funny piece about how gerrymandering started in Massachusetts by a governor called Elbridge Gerry.

6. Eddie Sporn wrote us a letter saying that the Berkshire Flyer is the only viable train route from the Berkshires to NYC.


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