The Berkshire Edge On-Air – October 3

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This week we talk about:


1. At a meeting of Berkshire school committees and local legislators, it was agreed that the funding formula for determining state aid to education is broken — and needs reform:

At school committees forum lawmakers, school officials agree: Critical need to reform school funding, Chapter 70 aid

2. Here’s a story about the Bees Knees — or as it is known in Great Barrington (and several other Berkshire towns), the Pollinator Protection Plan. These pollinators — birds, butterflies as well as bees — are responsible for one-third of the food we eat.. so we should make sure they aren’t being poisoned by neonicotinoids — ingredients in pesticides…

Barrington abuzz with Pollinator Protection Plan: Viewed as the Bee’s Knees by regional communities

3. And speaking of growing things, Barbara Zheutlin, longtime director of Berkshire Grown, the organization that supports sustainable agriculture throughout the Berkshires and sponsors farmers markets in the fall and winter, is stepping down. Her successor is Margaret Moulton:

4. And let us not forget the fall season of film festivals…. our observer Barbara Quart has been attending the 54th annual New York Film Festival and has dispatched the first of two reports of the films she’s seen … some of which will no doubt show up in the Berkshires… and on the horizon, of course, is the Chatham (N.Y.) film festival.

5. We’ve had number of heartfelt letters and columns opposing the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The latest is by columnist Rochelle O’Gorman, who argues that his record — alleged record — of sexual harassment disqualifies him:

AMPLIFICATIONS: Speak out about Kavanaugh

And another, by music criti and psychologist Carolyn Newberger is even more direct, insisting that Kavanaugh should withdraw from consideration:

 For Judge Kavanaugh, it’s only about him

6. And finally, we have a hot debate going on about the staffing levels of nurses at hospitals in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Nurses Association has a referendum on the November ballot that will insist on certain staffing levels — the implication being that hospitals are stinting on patient care in favor of paying hospital top administrators exorbitant salaries. We’ve had several letters back and forth on this issue… here’s one from Sheffield Selectwoman Rene Wood who has a day job at Berkshire Health Systems:

Get the facts & vote NO on Question No. 1


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