The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday August 11, 2021

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1. It’s official: The troubled Housatonic Water Works, the private water company that serves the village of Housatonic within Great Barrington, is less than worthless — to the tune of negative $25.2 million, an engineering firm determines.

2. After 50 years, the Snap Shop photo processing and photographic emporium on Railraod Street in Great Barrington is calling it quits:

3. Great Barrington Selectman Ed Abrahams and his fellow-columnist Pedro Pachano look at the issue of zoning, and whether it creates more problems and issues than it solves:

4. In this era of environmental and social anxiety environmentalist Bill McKibben and Ms Magazine editor Sue Halpern will be giving a talk at the New Marlborough Meeting House. The topic: The future you don’t want; the future you can have:

5. One business that seems to be thriving during the pandemic — and its stay-at-home regimen — is the musical instrument business.. several local outlets are thriving:

6. Despite the pandemic, concert and performance venues, such as Tanglewood and Jacob’s Pillow, have gotten creative. Jacob’s Pillow, for instance, organized an “African fiesta” in Pittsfield;

And writer Sheela Clary was inspired by an afternoon at Tanglewood. In her amusing portrayal she likened the experience to that of the Olympics:


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