The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday August 21, 2019

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1. Let us start off with our editorial today praise the town of West Stockbridge for adopting a proclamation condemning racism, white supremacy, hate and intolerance. This is so rare that a town board of selectmen take a stand on a national social issue:
2.  To switch gears, here is a very local story.  Students, teachers and the community of Monument Mountain Regional High School have organized a Run4Uns this coming weekend, to honor a beloved teacher and cross-country coach Chris Unsworth, who died of cancer this year. He was 48 years old. Funds from the race will go to the Chris Unsworth Scholarship Fund.
3. Great Barrington Finance Committee member Sharon Gregory has written a thoughtful proposal on rejuvenating the fortunes of the village of Housatonic, part of Great Barrington. She suggests a combination of zoning changes, modernizing village facilities such as the library, addressing infrastructure deficiencies and creating a “Housatonic Center.”

4. Meanwhile in Lee, the Eagle Mill Redevelopment Project has received the necessary tax credits from the state to proceed with the transformation of this factory into a retail and residential complex that will include a hotel:

5. Back to West Stockbridge where, like its neighbor to the east, Stockbridge, is having problems with its fire chief. The West Stockbridge Select Board has declared that Fire Chief Peter Skorput is incompetently leading the fire department that the town is at risk. The selectboard aired its grievances with Skorput in public session, after he waived his right to a closed-door meeting. And the session was packed.

6. And the saga of the old Castle Street Firehouse in Great Barrington continues, with a possible buyer in the wings.

7.  And last but not least, how about a little local municipal thievery. Deborah Ball, assistant treasure and tax collector in Great Barrington, has been charged with embezzlement for pocketing tax payments that were made to her office in cash:

The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday August 21, 2019
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