The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday January 18, 2023

1. A Berkshire-based musician and music producer has been nominated for a grammy:

2. We have been developing a lively new business section on Mondays, called Business Monday!.  Over the last couple of weeks, we have posted several profiles of local businesses. 

This week, we looked at a 24-year-old resident of Ashley Falls named Lily Geiger who spend her COVID isolation inventing a non-alcoholic aperitif called Fiore  (Italian for flower)which she is marketing through her new company called Figlia (Italian for daughter), and she’s off to a strong start.

3. Also for Business Monday, we ran a story a couple of weeks ago about Guido’s Fresh Marketplace, and about how the younger generation is taking over.

4. And our business section has a regular feature called Adventures in Retail, which looks at interesting products for sale in stores in the Berkshires.  Recently our columnist reported that you can find wold-class croissants at Pixie Boulangerie in Great Barrington, and we show how they’re made.

5. Our local celebrity Karen Allen, star of the Indiana Jones movies and owner of Karen Allen Fiber Arts in Great Barrington produced a film based on an adaptation of a Carson McCullers short story, and the film is now available to stream.  It was made in the Berkshires:

6. Our Edge weather reporter Nick Diller analyzed the weather for December, which he found to be a crazy month that couldn’t make up its mind. Overall, 15 days had above average temperatures and 13 had below. 

7. And finally, there’s a fight developing over the prospect of a new car dealership on Route 7 in Lenox.  An automobile dealership wants to buy the site now owned by the Different Drummer kitchen retail store plus an adjacent parcel, and turn them into offices, a car service center and a parking lot where test drives will presumably originate.  The neighbors are fighting it.


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