The Berkshire Edge On-Air Wednesday – January 19, 2022

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1. The Great Barrington Health Board declines to advocate COVID vaccine requirement for Berkshire Hills students and staff:

2.  Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington explains her efforts to upgrade and reform the county’s justice system, to make sure there is no racial bias:
3. Of course, we can’t go long without reporting on the COVID pandemic, and how it’s affecting the Berkshires. We have an update n the epidemic and some recommendations from Berkshire Health Systems:
4. Meanwhile, in Housatonic the state has found that the village’s water system — the privately owned Housatonic Water Works, has exceeded the limits on a carcinogenic contaminant:
5. We have a new column — from an old friend —the brilliant wit Bill Shein. The title is “Reason Gone Mad” — and his inaugural entry is about living in an old house:

6. Finally, Sheela Clary has written a profile of a student who found a new path through Greenagers — and a nudge from Yo-Yo Ma:


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