The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday January 8, 2020

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1.   There’s nothing like affordable housing to spoil the neighborhood…. angry Housatonic residents assailed the town’s Community Preservation Committee over a proposal to commit funds for an affordable housing development on a wooded lot south of the village. It got raucous:
2.  In Williamstown at the Milne Public Library the Osher Lifelong Living Institute (OLLI) has created an exhibit celebrating residents who are 65 and older and living vibrant creative lives … like the Jacob’s Pillow choreographer and dancer Sandra Burton:
3. Among our weekly features is a podcast/article entitled “It’s Not That Simple” that takes a look at important issues facing South Berkshire County. It’s the creation of architect Pedro Pachano and Great Barrington Selectman Ed Abrahams. This week, their show features local farms and farmers … “Food doesn’t grow in grocery stores.”
4. And speaking of Housatonic, village residents there are not only up in arms about affordable housing, they’re also peeved about odors that may waft their way from a proposed cannabis production operation:
5.  And just to put it all in perspective, we published our annual year in review that chronicles the significant stories of 2019: cannabis, school mergers, blood money, and bridges:
6. And lastly, on a hopeful note, our correspondent Dook Snyder has written a review of 15-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg’s book, “No One is too small to make a difference.” With young people like her the human race might just survive another decade — perhaps a century:

The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday January 8, 2020
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