The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday July 31, 2019

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1.  Great Barrington planners and selectboard take stock of “surplus” properties and lack of affordable housing, and conclude these are two areas that are impeding the town’s economic vitality. Now, what to do about it:

2.  On the impeachment front, Berkshire Democrats — or at least, the progressive wing, has urged Congressman Richard E. Neal to support impeachment of the president:

3.  Here’s a story that makes you proud to be in this region, and represents the generous spirit of America that we wish our president and his ilk would adopt : A partnership of organizations is collaborating on supporting two immigrants from West Africa.

4. Sheffield videographer Ben Hillman has produced a moving Edgecast about the demonstration against immigrant detention in concentration camps along the southern border:

5. The Southern Berkshire Regional School District is in crisis, with plummeting enrollment, and a school committee that is reluctant to consider merging with its northern neighbor, the Berkshire Hills Regional School District. The southern district’s member towns, however, feel no such reluctance, and are demanding the school committee consider a merger:

6.  The cultural season is in full swing, and we have lots of reviews and previews of plays, concerts, dance performances. Of note were the two day performance at Tanglewood of Richard Wagner’s ‘Die Walkure’ and, remarkably, three reviewers agreeing that Lucy Kirkwood’s ’The Children’ at Shakespeare & Company was a terrific play (so it must be good?) Dan Dwyer, of Connecticut fame, for instance, and not one to pull punches, called it “engrossing and disarming:”

The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday July 31, 2019
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