The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday May 18, 2022

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1. Lee voters ask selectmen to have town leave the PCB agreement the EPA negotiated with General Electric over the contamination of the Housaatonic River:

2.  Of course we can’t go a week without reporting on the COVID epidemic… and here’s the latest from the Tri-town Health Department:

3.  Regional school planners examining the merger of the two sprawling South Berkshire districts are proceeding with a public hearing to present progress on a merger plan, and to gather public input;

4.  And while we’re on the topic of education, Dr. Peter Gray is to give a talk about children’s natural way of learning, as he puts it:

5.  Finally, Sheela Clary has written an update on the work being done by the 22-year-old  Railroad Street Youth  Project in Great Barrington —  a remarkable drop-in center for youth ages 14-25:


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