The Berkshire Edge On-Air Wednesday May 26, 2021

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1.  We had an interesting debate on our pages this week about the difficulty local businesses are having hiring workers. First we published an article from the point of view of local merchants looking for help:

 Then we had a letter to the editor talking about how hard it is for workers to find a job that will support them:

And that letter got a lot of comments agreeing that the jobs available are not desirable.

2.  Our business section on Monday had a couple of useful articles.  One is the first installment of a new series we’re launching called PERSONAL FINANCE, about how some home sellers sabotage their own sales by incorrect pricing.

3.  And our Business Monday section also had a good article on the success of the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires.  The center held its fourth annual awards ceremony virtually last week.  But the importance of the Center is that, as an advocate and advisor, it has helped many nonprofits weather the storms of the last year.

4.  The effort to renovate Monument Mountain High School proceeds along its bumpy path.  A third application for funding is being submitted to the state and members of the school board felt that the language needs to be aggressive, that conditions should not be described as simply inadequate; the are abysmal.

5.  It’s not just the school committee that’s frustrated with the state over Monument Mountain High School.  The Great Barrington Selectboard is trying to get the Mass DOT to make the road entrance to the school safer after several accidents, and the state has put this way down on their list. 6.  Finally, we attended the graduation ceremony at Bard College at Simon’s Rock last Saturday and were blown away by the commencement speech given by Leon Botstein, president of Bard College.  He told students that democracy in this county has never been in a more precarious position, and he urged them to use their education to fight autocracy and tyranny.


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