The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday November 25, 2020

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1. Not another one! Yes, another pot shot is proposed for Great Barrington, the marijuana capital of South Berkshire County. This one may be too close to the John Dewey Academy on South Main Street, but it’s to be located in a stone edifice across the street — that once was occupied by a jeweler. The name of the shop? Glad you asked — Coastal Cultivars:
2.  A high powered attorney living in Egremont — Steve Cohen — is one of a number of lawyers leading a national effort to thwart the legally dubious attempt by the Trump campaign to   overturn the election of Joe Biden as president:

3. That’s high crimes and misdemeanors… but our local historian Bernie Drew writes about an unsolved murder case in West Stockbridge in 1808 that became the subject of a William Cullen Bryant poem, “The Murdered Traveler”:

4. In our Business Monday feature we have story about how Sen Adam Hinds has secured relief funds for local businesses crippled by the COVID pandemic:

5. Are New Yorkers overrunning Berkshire communities trying to escape the pandemic in the city? School enrollments tell the story:

The Berkshire Edge On-Air - Wednesday November 25, 2020


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