The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday October 7, 2020

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1. A Simon’s Rock exchange student from Africa explains what it is like to be African in a largely white New England. A cautionary tale for this time:

2. A Great Barrington think tank, The American Institute for Economic Research, propounds the view that the most efficacious way to combat the coronavirus is not through vaccinations but to develop herd immunity — even if that means untold many may die. They’ve issued their views in the Great Barrington Proclamation — forever tarnishing the name of the town:

3. Fans of Tanglewood and the Boston Symphony Orchestra will be delighted to know that their brilliant music director Andris Nelsons has signed a 3-year contract extention:

4.   The stages of the cultural Berkshires have been dark this season, due to the pandemic. But the actors came back, in this film by Tim Newman, reading a poem by Michael Brady promising they will be coming back:

5.  Still, despite the conclusions of the Newman’s film, there are cultural events  — at a distance. For instance, at TurnPark Art Space in West Stockbridge, the Guild of Berkshire Artists is presenting a multimedia installation, “Six Feet Apart; Zero Degrees fo Separation”:

6. And finally, our columnist Carole Owens, with her tales of Berkshires past, explains how Great Barrington got its name… and Sheffield, too:


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