The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday September 1, 2021

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1. We’ve had several stories about the dispute in West Stockbridge between The Foundry and the owners of Truc Orient Express restaurant. The Foundry being an open air venue not far from the restaurant where concerts are held, leading to a glut of traffic and parked cars around the restaurant. We may finally get some resolution this week:

2. Despite continued appeals from the public, and a history of accidents, the Mass DOT will not put a traffic light at the foot of the driveway to Monument Mountain Regional High School— instead, installing “safety measures”:

3. Theory Wellness (sic), the pot dispensary (one of three in Great Barrington), has been forced by the attorney general Maura Healey to pay $300, 000 in unpaid wages and penalties:

4. An engineering firm has assessed the value of the Housatonic Water Works — the privately owned water system in Housatonic — at a value of negative $25 million — due to repairs necessary to keep the system functioning. That leaves the question of what will the town do.

5. Book review: As if things on the national scene weren’t unhinged enough, here come’s Michael Wolff’s account of the last days of the Trump presidency. Mickey Friedman reviews and reminds us to count our lucky stars:

6. Then & Now: Local historian Gary Levieille digs into Berkshire history to recall the crash of trolley cars in Lee — at a time when a “street railways” network criss-crossed the Berkshires, and even provided a link to trolley lines in eastern New York:


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