The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday September 23, 2020

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1. Schools in Great Barrington have reopened with a remote learning model, but on October 5 will go to a “hybrid” model in which half the students would be in class four days a week:

2.  The Selectboard can’t seem to get the hang of it about a proposed expansion at the Great Barrington airport… for the third time, they’ve put off a decision on whether to allow the airport to add hangars:

3. Sheela Clary has written a really thought-provoking review of “The Tyranny of Merit: What’s Become of Common Good” by Michael Sandel, a book that examines the social divisions that will be determining factors in the upcoming elections:

4. How are cultural organizations coping with the pandemic? We had an update from Alice Maggio on the strategy of the Berkshire Children’s Chorus:

5. And how is the town meeting form of government coping with not being able to hold a town meeting in the customary fashion in a school auditorium?Great Barrington held a special town meeting to consider a raft of articles… in the parking lot of the high school on a cold night.. a drive-in town meeting:

6. Of course, due to the pandemic the customary Tanglewood season of the Boston Symphony Orchestra could not be held. But classical music lovers aren’t entirely left in the lurch. The BSO has scheduled a weekly series of online concerts each Thursday through November 12, featuring 50 musicians from the orchestra:

The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday September 23, 2020
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