The Real Organic Project – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Oct 2, 2023

When you shop for food—whether produce or meat or eggs—and see a label that says “organic,” what do you think that means? At its most fundamental level, I guess I always thought it meant vegetables grown on the fields of an organic farm—like, in the soil, or animals raised in its pastures.

But increasingly, as hydroponics have become more widespread, soil isn’t always part of the organic food-raising equation. 

Today’s guest is Linley Dixon, a Colorado-based organic farmer  who is also Co-Director of the Real Organic Project, an advocacy organization of farmers who grow in the soil and together seek to protect the integrity of the organic label’s meaning on food. Real Organic Project is holding a daylong conference October 14 in Hudson, NY, with a great lineup of presenters from the organic community, and we’ll hear about that, too. 


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