The Shape of Things with Matthew White: My Beetle

Matthew White dubs Hillsdale, New York “world class but low key” because of its convenient location to East Coast cities and the unique community of people who live here. Originally a weekender, White is a serious “preservationist” who saw potential in an old dilapidated building in the village square, and opened the Hillsdale General Store, and HGS Home Chef. White’s passion for the town he lives and works in is contagious, and it only grows as more and more people discover what’s so special about Hillsdale. MatthewI moved to Hillsdale  after being a weekender for some time., not specifically choosing Hillsdale, it was more that he fell in love with a piece of land and decided to live there. While  still running an interior design business in NYC, he is almost always here. Matthew reads short stories he has written based on the region. Allowing Matthew to talk about the many things he loves about this area.


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