A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – August 8, 2022 – Craig LeHoullier on Tomato Troubles

I call the phenomenon tomato troubles. You know, the yellow-spotted foliage that falls off, or the plant that produces all those misshapen fruits and yes, the attack of the hornworms, too, when you wake up to a lot of missing leaves one day. Or all of the above. Oops! 

 August is a perfect time to check in with the tomato man himself, Craig LeHoullier, author of the book “Epic Tomatoes,” and see what we can do even under such high-summer pressures to bring in that delicious harvest. 


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  1. Thanks for the tomato talk. Heat has been intense here in Colorado and my tomato productivity has suffered. Still have some good tomatoes ripening just fewer than hoped for. Appreciate the perspective offered on how to roll with the challenges.

  2. Got hit with yellow spot here in upstate New York.

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