A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Sept 17 – Tovah Martin on Senses and Seasons

We’re at a cusp—the coming of fall—and that is not a time to lament, but rather to take in what the new season and the one beyond it have to offer, each to its own. So says Margaret, and so says Tovah Martin in her latest book, “The Garden in Every Sense and Season.” We have timely advice for both to-do’s (and an attitude adjustment should you need one).

Tovah Martin gardens on 7 acres in Connecticut with some goats, a cat, and a whole lot of plants, both indoors and out. She’s the author of “Tasha Tudor’s Garden” and many other popular garden books. She told me how to force hyacinths (which she highly recommends as an antidote to winter) and more.


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