A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – April 25, 2022 – Amy Highland on Trilliums

I’m thinking about Trilliums – prompted not just because these treasured spring ephemerals are coming into their season, but by the disturbing news in a report just published that found that 32 percent of all North American Trillium species or varieties are threatened with extinction. My guest is Amy Highland, the Director of Collections and Conservation Lead at Mt. Cuba Center, a botanic garden and native plant conservation nonprofit in Delaware, one of three organizations behind the findings.  

As Mt. Cuba Center’s director of collections and conservation lead, Amy Highland, a graduate of Purdue University’s Public Horticulture program, has traveled throughout the temperate forests of North America to find rare plants in need of conservationShe’s here today to talk trilliums—and also how we as gardeners can be more involved in conservation of native plants over all. 


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